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The growing number of women in Ikeja part of Lagos now addicted to the Zee World Series has become a thing of great concern. Oguine Chika reports

It is not out of place to show great interest in or even become obsessed about a particular thing in life. WoWmen, in particular, show great interest in magazines, story books, movies and more, especially if they are related to gossip. However, the growing craze for an Indian station known as Zee World has become baffling as it is gradually crowding out African Magic in the hearts of full housewives, television lovers and unbelievably, children.

Zee World is an Indian/African Television channel which was launched in February 2015. It is the first Indian channel to dub Indian shows to English for the African viewers and is aired on DSTV 166 and GOTV 25. The channel offers different series which it uses to hold its viewers glued to their chairs. Among them are the Promise, Laali, Married Again, and others.

The television series has in recent times succeeded in keeping women glued to their chairs and repeatedly bringing them back to that spot for more. However, it may come as a shock to know what the television series can do to women as it keeps them from fulfilling their house chores and delays making dinner for their families as at when due. “My wife no longer does anything on time,” said Mr Chidi Innocent, expressing displeasure. “Each time she sits in the sitting room and holds the remote no other person can watch any other thing for that day. In fact she has turned my children into Indians too because each time you talk to them they start twisting their heads like what they usually watch on television. If that station can be scrabbled I will be the happiest man on earth,” He said angrily. Innocent continued:
“I can’t stand my wife watching that channel because when she does she is always lost in it, she forgets that there are other things to be done in the house. Whenever she starts watching that channel she doesn’t hear the cry of a baby,” Mr Ngwan ????? said.

Just a casual walk through the streets of Ikeja demonstrates how serious the fad of watching the channel has become. You could ring a doorbell and be kept waiting for up to 20 minutes before the told to hold on. The reason for the delay would be no other than that the lady of the house is caught up by the suspense of what’s going to happen in the romantic series she is watching.

Meet Miss Joke Badmos who said she can’t miss the series for anything. “I can’t imagine myself not watching my favorite love series (twist of fate) for one day; am so addicted to it oo” she laughed out loud. “Yes I love Bollywood, since Nollywood has failed to give me what I want, why wouldn’t I watch the channel that gives me the best?” she said.

It could come as a surprise to know that ladies can do anything in order to watch these programs; most women now run home from work just to see the next episode of their favorite love/romantic series while others intentionally visit their neighborhood salon in order to watch the soap.

Miss Nkechi Nwafor told CherryAfrica how her salon business has boomed over the past few months. “I never knew that having one of these satellites could be very useful; I used to think it’s another way of wasting money, but really it is another way of using money to get money.” Ever since I bought it, customers troop in and out for a touch on their hair in order to be allowed access to the programs on Zee World channels. Most ladies stop by on their way from work all in the name of watching Zee World,” she asserted in amusement.

Amazingly, even in the situation of the country with lamentations over recession here and there, people trying to cut cost of living, many women are of the view that the situation of the country can’t stop them from enjoying themselves or watching what they enjoy watching. Mrs Ngozika Ibekwe told CherryAfrica: “I know that times are hard at the moment but not watching our programmes can’t make it better, we need to forget so many things and that is why even though we find it difficult, we still try to recharge. It is only a small amount of money to get your television going, one thousand nine hundred naira; it is that cheap.”Zee worldSurprisingly, the Zee World series is not just loved by women or preferred by youths only. Many parents would rather allow their children watch the television series than let them watch Nigerian home movies because they feel its child friendly owing to the fact that there are no nudity and their movies are decent and promote good morals.

“I can’t compare Nollywood films to Bollywood films. This is because Nollywood is full of exposure of parts of the body and immorality but Bollywood films are quite different from that,” said Mrs Tina Nwaeze.

While some men complain about their wives’ addiction to the chan- nel many others complain of being compelled to watch it owing to the fact that they don’t have a choice but would rather go with their wives for the sake of their children.

Obviously, the Zee World Series has found a permanent sit in the hearts of most women in the Ikeja area of Lagos. But whether the Zee World series is been watched by female, male or children the truth is that the Indian channel has succeeded in keeping housewives and many other television lovers busy and away from every day gossip. With this development, however, one question keeps bugging the mind. If most of the target audience abandon Nollywod and port to Bollywood what would become of our very own movie industry, and as most men feel their homes are been threatened as a result of their wives being addicted to Zee World channel, what then could be done?

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